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KoW: Undead vs Abyssal Dwarfs

2000 point game of dominate between my Undead and Dale's Abyssal Dwarves.

I was running

Dale had

Lord on Greater Abyssal Dragon
Supreme Ironcaster on Great winged Halfbreed
horde of Golems
regiment of golems
greater golem
regiment of immortals
troop of immortals
regiment of halfbreeds
troop of halfbreeds
3 troops of gargoyles
1 dragon's breath team

Dale choose sides and had three drops more than me. We both concentrated our slower units in the middle with fast units on the flank. Except that he deployed his big fliers behind the centre of his line.

[I missed getting a picture of deployment, so the first picture is at the end of Turn 1.]

Turn 1:
Dwarves: They move up cautiously staying out of the long charge range of my flyers and werewolves.

Undead: I moved my left flank into charge range, with the Rev King on wyrm going his full distance forward. I kept the soul reavers out of charge range of his iron caster, so they were not in range of the golems but I felt he would have to move them forward next turn. On the right I was able to get in charge range of the halfbreeds while staying out of charge range of the gargoyles.  

End of Turn 1

Turn 2:

Dwarves: Going from left to right, the Dragon team put two wounds on the Wyrm King. Halfbreeds turned to face the werewolves. The middle moved forward with the Golem regiment getting surged. The Gargoyles flew forward to chaff up my lines. I think this is where Dale made a big mistake and his left most Gargoyles should have gone in front of his Halfbreed regiment to screen them from the werewolves and the wraiths. On the right the gargoyles blocked up the werewolves and he surged the Golems forward though not very far. This was Dale's second mistake, which he recognized in the shooting phase, his Golem horde now had an exposed flank to the soul reavers.

Dwarf Turn 2 
 Undead: Every unit but my Necromancer declared a charge this round. On the left the Wyrm King and Wraiths charged the fire team and only wavered it, hindered when you are hitting on 4+ base really sucks. The werewolves charged the Halfbreeds and wavered them. Horde of Revenants charged immortal troop and routed them. Horde of zombies charged the Gargoyles and the Ghouls flanked, routing them. But the Ghouls were unable to reform because of the close quarters. Wraiths charged the gargoyles and wavered them which was a great result for me. (I considered charging the Golems behind them but then the gargoyles would have been running around my backfield and I don't think I would have routed the Golems anyways). The Soul Reavers took the flank charge on the golems and routed them. The Lykanis did well and wavered the Halfbreed troop. The werewolves routed the gargoyles. I tried to move the soul reavers ahead and only rolled a 1 so their rear was now exposed to the Golems surge. I couldn't turn to not give a rear charge to either the Golems or the Iron Caster so I was hoping to get far enough away that he would have to get lucky with surge in order to reach me.

Undead Turn 2

End of Undead Turn 2

Turn 3: Picture missing

Dwarves: The Fire team backed away. The Halfbreed regiment can't move and regenerates a few wounds. The Lord on Abyssal didn't have room to charge so shuffled and then shot a fireball (A better option might have been jumping over my line but that's always dangerous with surge around, he might have been able to go behind the werewolves which don't have surge though.). The immortals charge the flank of the Ghouls and do 17 wounds followed by a snake eyes (thanks to the help of another club mate using his Voodo magic on Dale's dice). The Greater Golem squished some Zombies. The Iron Caster on Flying Abyssal got into surge position to put the Golems into the rear of the Soul Reavers wavering them. The Halfbreed troop holds and regenerates most of their wounds.    

Undead: Wraiths charge the Fire team and rout it. Wyrm King, Revenants and Werewolves rout the Halfbreeds. Ghouls countercharge the immortals and don't wound them (that's more like how I though this combat would go). Zombies countercharge the Greater Golem and don't wound either (I forgot to bane chant them). The Wraiths kill off the Gargoyles. The Werewolves are able to nimble charge around the Soul Reavers and flank the Supreme Iron Caster but roll double ones. The Lykanis charges the Halfbreeds again but can't even waver them.    

End of Undead Turn 3

Turn 4:


Lord on Abyssal charges the werewolves but they hold. Immortals destroy the Ghouls and reform to face the revenants. Greater Golem puts another 5 wounds on the zombies but rolls double 1's so they are sticking around. Iron Caster tries to fireball the wraiths but does no wounds. Golems finish off the soul reavers (would have been nice to have some inspiring near them). Supreme Iron caster counter charges the Werewolves. In a reversal of previous fortunes the recovered Halfbreed troop wavers the Lykanis.  

End of Dwarves Turn 4

The Golem uses his CS 3 to squish Zombies. This is one of the reasons the Zombies are in the list, they effectively held up twice their points for most of the game. 

Undead: The Werewolves and joined by the flanking wraiths to waver the Lord on Abyssal Dragon. The Revenants charge the Immortals. The Zombies charge the Greater Golem. Wraiths charge the Iron Caster but can't even waver him, leaving their flank exposed to the Golems but he won't be surging them into the werewolves. Wyrm King zips across to help the Werewolves kill the Supreme Iron Caster. The Lkyanis uses his nimble to back away drawing the Halfbreeds further from the centre.

End of Undead Turn 4

Turn 5:
Dwarves: Lord on Dragon backs up to put both units into his front arc. Immortals charge the Revenants but only do a few wounds. The Greater Golem routs the Zombies. The Golems and the Iron Caster charge the wraiths. The Caster does one wound which proves crucial as he rolls and matches their nerve, routing the wraiths and allowing him to reform the Golems. The Halfbeeds charge the Lykanis in a continuation of the slap fight, only this turn can't waver it.

End of Dwarf Turn 5 

Undead: Werewolves charge the dragon but can't waver it.  Revenants and Wyrm King rout the Immortals. Wraiths fly across and charge the Golems flank, with the Werewolves charging the front. Even then I only manage to put four wounds on them and the are steady. The Lykanis charges the Halfbreeds they were up to 8 wounds at this point but I double 1 them (the fourth of the game, two each)
Snack Eyes on the Halfbreeds nerve check. 

Turn 6: So either my pictures are wrong or we messed up keeping track of turns. At this point we thought we had just finished Turn 6 so we rolled for Turn 7 and it was a 2 so the game ended. The Dominate point is under the Revenants So I had 2 Hordes, 1 Monster and a troop. He had two monsters in the scoring zone, so a win to the undead. We talked about what would have happened with another turn and not much would have changed.
End of the Game 

2 other games were happening at the club, a home brew 15mm Sci-Fi rules set.

And a game of Pikeman's Lament, a Pike and Shotte skirmish game from Osprey.

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