Wednesday, 23 November 2016

KoW Undead vs. Ratkin

Invade Games against Ratkin

This is going to be mostly a picture battle report as I played in a tournament recently and I need to write that up as well.

This was my first game against the Rats. Dale has only started using them recently as a switch away from his usual Dwarfs.

His list had a Horde of Shocktroops, horde of Blight,  Horde of Rat Ogres and the Demon rat lighting living legend.  And then some other light stuff.

Deployment saw his rat demon on my left flank, on the other side of the river, opposite my dragon.


Undead Turn 1: I move forward, and into the centre

Undead Turn 2:The Rats had moved forward, and Dale had accidentally given me a couple charges. The Soul Reavers could just reach the Death Engine and routed it. The Dragon hit the flank of the Shocktroops but they were fine.

Turn 3 Rats: Rat Ogres Charge the soul reavers which hold, and expose them to a flank charge from the Wraiths

Turn 4 Undead: Undead converged on the Right Flank and clean up the rest of the Rats.  

The Blight are in a bad spot with the whole undead Army converging on them. The Rat Demon is finally getting close to the combat having steadily moved into the centre lighting bolting all the way. 

After defeating the Revenant Horde the Blight would last one more turn thanks to a friendly double one. 

The Position at the End of the game. 

Post Game Analysis with Vlad. 

You somehow managed to win a passable victory the Rat's must have been so amused by your buffoonery that they were unable to formulate an effective battle plan against such random incompetence. What idiot would deploy their cavalry next to a rive that ran across the board?  You also foolishly allowed your noble Vampire Cavalry to be charge by a horde of Brutes who thankfully rolled poorly. Where were their screening troops? How about that Revenant King that you brought specifically for that purpose?  I should have you impaled.   

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