Monday, 14 November 2016

Kings of War Undead vs. Salamanders

Played a game of Push against Gerald's Salamanders. Gerald recently started using his salamander army, and he's trying out different unit combinations. His list contained:

Ceremonial Guard
Ceremonial Guard
Ghekkotah Hunters
Ember Sprites
Fire Drake
Fire Drake 
Mage Priest
Inspiring Talisman
bane change
Ghekkotah Skylord
Ember sprites
Clan lorde on Fire Drak
Blessing of the Gods
 and Horde of Ancients on Rhinosaurs 

I switched up my normal list slightly to replace a unit of Wraiths with an Rev King on Horse. And dropped the ASB for a couple magic items notably brew of strength on the Rev Horde.

Neither of us had played Push! before and we wanted to try it out before a local tournament. Which was good because being unable to surge while carrying a token is rough for my small number army. I'm feeling like I might need to change up the list. 

Gerald amassed his firedrakes on the right, while his ceremonial guard were in the centre. The left was very sparse, he had his sylord while I had the  Rev Regiment on its own over there. Across from his Drakes I dropped my soul reavers and dragon. Gerald hasn't quite gotten over Warhammer deployment and putting heroes down last. He noted this during his deployment that he should have deployed them sooner so he could counter my deployment better. 

Turn 1: 

The Salamanders advanced forward cautiously staying out of charge range. While the Skylord flew forward on the flank behind the forest. 

I advanced forward while staying out of charge range of most things and tried to limit what his breath weapons could hit.  I managed to waver his Ghekkotah with my archers. 

Turn 2: 

He decided to come forward into Breath range.  All three drakes targeted the Soul Reavers but with no piercing they only managed to put a couple wounds on them.  

I charged forward with what could. The ghouls charged the ember sprites flank. Wights charged the Tyrants. Wraiths charged a Firedrake. Dragon charged a fire drake.  Wights charged the Tyrants. Soul Reavers charged rhinosaurs. Rev Cav. moved forward and then pivoted to be surged in by the Rev King coming across, who then failed to roll a single inch of surge.  

The Ghouls rout the ember sprites. Soul Reavers rout the rhinosaurs.  Wights waver the Tyrants but they have Fury.  Dragon and Wraiths bounce on Firedrakes. 


Skylord flank charges the Rev Horde and does a couple wounds.  Ceremonial guard charge the Rev Regiment.  Other Ceremonial guard charges the Ghouls. Tyrants countercharge the Wights.  I think one of the Firedrakes and the Ancient on Drake charged the wraiths, but he was unable to rout them (maybe double 1's?) The other Drake counter-charged the Dragon Ghekkotah charged the Rev. Cavalry and ember sprites charged the King. He only managed to rout the Ghouls, everything else held. 

The undead counterattack this turn would hit the Salamanders hard.  The Rev Regiment counter charged the Ceremonial guard. The Rev. Horde counter-charged the Skylord and routed him. The Wraiths counter charged the Tyrants and routed them. The Dragon flank charged the Ancient on Drake and may have wavered or routed him. Wraiths went into the drake in front of them. Soul Reavers charged and routed the other firedrake. Rev Cavalry routed the Ghekkotah, and the King fought the ember sprites. 

We called the game at this point, in order to have time to get another game in.  I forgot to take a picture of what the board looked like at the end. The Salamanders two ceremonial guard units were doing a good job of carrying the tokens across the board but they were about to have the whole undead army closing in on them.    

Post Game Thoughts: Gerald realized quite early on that he had mis-deployed by setting his shooting across from my fast units. He also spread his units out more than he needed to. When he moved forward to use his breath weapons he thought that the Soul Reavers were only defence 5 not 6. I think that would have changed his plan. Not getting the surge of the Rev Cavalry in the flank, left me exposed to the Rhinosaurs holding, which would have put me in a bad spot. But luckily the soul reavers managed to break them on their own.  

Post match analysis with Vlad The Impaler: So you managed to win a battle against a bunch of Lizards? They didn't even have a dragon of their own. The only Dragon on the battlefield was yours, and what did you do with all that mobility provided by a 20' flying movement? You flew straight forward into the middle of the enemy formation, where you could be flanked by the enemies hardest hitting hero. Who luckily decided to ignore your exposed flank to try and destroy a chaff unit. If your plan was to trick the enemy by making such a silly mistake that he would assume it was a trap then you are a tactical genius. But I suspect that is not what happened... The rest of your battle plan seemed to be to charge directly forward and rely on your heavy armour to hold against the enemies shooting. A plan that happened to work against an army that, conveniently for you, relies on short range shooting. Not exactly a master plan. If you were one of my generals I would have you impaled.

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