Sunday, 12 June 2016

Kings of War- Elves vs Abyssal Dwarfs

I played a game against Dale's Abyssal Dwarfs with my Elves. This was my first time using Elves but I had played against this army once, when I lent it to a friend. I like that it is has a nice combined arms feel. I managed to take lots of pictures but they are not consistently at the start or end of turns.

The Scenario was Pillage 2000 points a side. I went with a refused flank deployment, with a unit of archers and a unit of light cavalry contesting the pillage marker on that side. The Dwarf player had his powerful but slow Golem units on that side.

Dragons face off on the left flank, where two pillage markers are. Two more are in the middle and one is on the far right.

I move my fast melee flank forward, and the shooters pinto range. 

Dwarfs come forward too meet me. 

On the left flank my knights rout his halfbreeds, My dragon puts a couple wounds on his dragon. Archers wipe out the decimators and Lightening removes the Dragon's Breath team. On the Right shooting eliminates the halfbreed regiment.  

My Dragon moves to the flank to let my knights charge and waver the Dwarf Dragon. The Blacksouls horde in the middle has wandered into a trap. They would charge the Palace Guard in front of them and rout them. 

Dwarf dragon slides out of my Dragon's charge arc. Black souls turn to face the Elf infantry. 

Elf Cavalry wavers the dragon again. Infantry routs the black soul horde. On the right flank, the Drakon rider lord wiffs his attack on the Gargoyles. The Silverbreese cav sneaks past the Greater Golem and the archers prepare to be caused by the golem horde. 

Dragon rider lord is stuck fighting the gargoyles. My Cavalry would finally rout the Dragon they are fighting. 

The Dragon and Palace guard combo charge the immortals and the silver breeze rear charge them, and rout them. 

The Greater Golem would crush the cav before falling to the Dragon and Palace Guard. The Drakon Lord would finally defeat the Gargoyles. We would call the game their with only the Iron Caster and Golem Horde left. I had four objectives to one. 
A good game handily won by the elves.  The shooting proved quite effective against the slow dwarfs. removing the smaller chaff units which allowed me to multi-charge what was left. I'm quite happy with the elf list and play style and look forward to my next game.

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  1. Very nice. What eleven did you use? Dark elves? Island of blood elves?