Sunday, 15 May 2016

Kings of War

I managed to get two games in at the club this weekend using a new undead list.

ndead    (Evil)
Skeleton WarriorsInfantry
Unit SizeSpMeRaDeAtNePts
Unit SizeSpMeRaDeAtNePts
Unit SizeSpMeRaDeAtNePts
   - Brew of Strength30
Unit SizeSpMeRaDeAtNePts
Soul Reaver CavalryCavalry
Unit SizeSpMeRaDeAtNePts
   - Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar20
   - Fire-Oil5
Revenant King on Undead WyrmHero (Mon)
Unit SizeSpMeRaDeAtNePts
Options     (1)104+-5+918/20190Delete
   - Mount on a Winged Wyrm, increasing Speed to 10 and gaining Fly45
   - Blade of Slashing5
Vampire on Undead DragonHero (Mon)
Unit SizeSpMeRaDeAtNePts
Options     (1)103+-5+1017/19330Delete
   - Ensorcelled Armour35
NecromancerHero (Inf)
Unit SizeSpMeRaDeAtNePts
Options     (1)55+-4+110/1285Delete
   - Inspiring Talisman20

The first was against David's Orcs, I managed to get a couple good combo charges off. One unit of Soul Reavers got rear charged by orclings and died, but other than that the combo of heavy flyers and heavy cav proved very powerful.

The second game was against Dale's Abyssal Dwarfs.

Soul Reaver and Dragon combo charged Obsidian Golems and rolled a 3, needing a 4. However the Greater Golem failed to surge into the Soul Reaver cav, which left him exposed to be charged in my turn. 

The Overlord on Dragon got surged into twice by the revenants and eventually went down. 

In the end only two troops of Dwarfs were left, while I had only lost a single troop of ghouls. Overall the list I played seemed overpowered in both games. I don't know if against lists with more chaff I would have had more of a problem. 

Neil also had a nice looking game of 15mm Sci-Fi going on as well.

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  1. Great to see you are getting lots of games in.

    I've been playing malifaux a lot lately. Really enjoying it now I understand it better. Played a tournament today.