Monday, 18 April 2016

Tanks! Chain of Command

We used a modified version of chain of command to play a multiplayer east front tank battle. The battle pitted three Soviet Commanders with mixed platoons of T-34s, T-34/85s. IS IIs and ISU-152s against two german commanders with a mix of panzer IVs Panthers and a mighty Jagdtiger. The jagdtiger took up a good overwatch position early and the soviet commanders had to maneuver to avoid it since, being hit was almost certain death.  

A lucky shot early saw the a Panther main gun destroyed which opened up the German left flank.

The Soviets pushed the German Pz IVs on the German right in order to try and get around the flank of the Jagdtiger. 

With the German forced reduced to a jagdtiger and one Panzer IV we called the game.  Many societ tanks littered the field in front of the German position but the town was theirs!  


  1. Looks like 15mm? Glad to see you are getting games in.

  2. That's an excellent looking set up that you've got there. Looks like a lot of fun!