Friday, 9 October 2015

US Paras and German Grenadiers

I finished painting and based up the infantry from the Open Fire box set. With a recent interest in Chain of Command at the club I decided to go with individual basing (using the now discontinued Canadian Penny). I hope that Chain of Command in 15mm will allow me to use all my terrain and vehicles from Flames of War and provide for more realistic engagement ranges.  I'm realizing  I missed painting the edge of the bases so I guess I am not quite done yet....

US 82nd Airborne: Base Platoon.  I'm short one loader for one MG team

Squad 1

Squad 2

Bazooka Team

Lt and Platoon Sergeant 

Close up of Rifelmen with 50mm Mortar in the background 

German PanzerGrenadier Platoon

Squad 1

Squad 2

Squad 3

Close up MG team


  1. They look good. I may have to do this too. I need about a full platoon for coc, right?