Friday, 6 February 2015

PSC StuH 42 Review- Assembly

I ordered a box of PSC Stug III assault guns through a local model store.  They cost $43 Canadian which means, even considering the bad exchange rate right now, it probably would have been cheaper to order from the states.  They still cost slightly less than the new BF plastic box though which is their closest competition.  The PSC gives you the same options as the BF except you cannot make a 10.5 gun with Saukopf mantlet, while the BF kit lets you.

You get 5 sprues with all the parts to make one Stug on one sprue. 

Assembly took me about half an hour on the first one, and was a bit fiddly.  The plastic seemed a bit softer or the pieces a bit thinner than other PSC kits, but were not unmanageable.  I got stuck on which way to orient the exhaust till finding the Spotting Round Block.  I think all the next ones I will make as late models, since I am worried about the MG breaking off and I think the remote control turret will prevent that somewhat.  
All the pieces for one Stug cut off the sprue.

All the main components assembled, the tracks are a bit of a pain but not too bad.  
I'm putting these together as StuH 42s to support a Herman Goering Panzer Company.  Since they shurzen in that briefing I am going to include it on  the models.  And I think it looks cool making them appear more boxy and intimidating.  Hopefully I will get the others assembled and painted soon, and I will try and do a side by side review with the other Stugs I have in the collection.    



  1. Looking good. For Gottacon? I have a box of the bf ones to paint after Gottacon.

  2. Yes they are, although I still have not committed to going. At this point I'm wishing I had the BF ones. The BF T-34s went together very nicely.

  3. Very cool, StuG's are one of my favourite looking afv's. I've got a couple of boxes of these to assemble, so good to see the shurzen isn't too fiddly!

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