Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Being extremely busy with exams I obviously needed to take the time to re-format the blog and post some pictures that have been waiting in the wings.  I finished these pumas quite a while ago and have been waiting to matte varnish them so they'll stop chipping.  The weather has not been cooperating and they may have to wait for spring before they are fully protected.  You can see especially on the commanders' hats where the paint is chipping off. 

I tried to do more of a soft edge camo than I normally do.  Loosely following Dirty John's guide on WWPD, and I think it turned out quite nice, but did take a bit longer than my normal quick hard edge.  I have some Su-100's that I just need to finish the commander on and a Typhoon that is waiting for decals. In the more distant future I might try and go to a local tournament in February which means I will need to try and get a practice game or two in and try and remember the rules. Lists are restricted to early '44 so fewer German big cats and the allies will have less high AT.  I'm debating taking Germans, probably mechanized or Panzer Lehr, or going out on a limb and running a Soviet Forward Detachment. The soviets would need some significant effort put into them to get some supporting platoons purchased and painted up.           

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  1. Looking good. Pumas are a lot of fun. Very easy to lose though!