Sunday, 24 November 2013

Pre-Desperate Measures AAR

Played another solo game between reluctant trained Panthers and Hero Tankovy at 1500points.

German's had 11 Panthers and 2 Armoured AA (should have been mobelwagons).  A very one dimensional list and probably the worst match up for the Hero Tankovy on an open table.

Soviets taken using the estimated costs from Desperate Measures
2 Platoons of 4 T-34-85's Heroes
4x BA 64s
3x IS-2s with Tankos
2 Katyushas with extra crew.

A more well rounded list than the German one  

Objectives were marked by the supply carrying Opel trucks.  In deployment I should have put the ISs behind cover, I am overconfident of how good their armour is, especially against Panthers.


The freshly painted BA-64's trying to survive their first game.

Germans move up to firing positions and knock out an IS 

T-34's hide behind cover with a shot at the Panthers in the middle.

Flank Panthers move up.

ISs tried to duel the Panthers hull down behind the ridge with predictable results, this happened over a couple of turns.  

The Panthes on the flank are flanked themselves. 

Germans move forward putting the pressure on the Russians

The Panthers back up and combined with shooting from the middle would leave only one T-34 alive. 

Who pulls back himself and kills one of the Panthers on the ridge. 

T-34's kill the 2IC and another Panther. But would be gutted in return.  

The last T-34 would go down in flames as well. 

 AAR:  This was an ideal match up for the Germans.  The low number of Soviet tanks and my ineptitude trying to engage them at long range meant that they were able to cut apart the soviet tanks with minor losses. I managed to kill one Panthers from each platoon and the 2IC but because I failed to focus my fire the reluctant Germans never even had to take a motivation check.  The armoured cars and Katyushas, were not able to do anything against the all tank Germans.  The IS's are too much of a points sink at this level and are really not that good at killing things with their ROF 1.  I think the Hero Tankovy will be fun to play against more balanced opposition and with better list building.  

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  1. Hullo, Mate.

    Nice work on the solo gaming - always a challenge.

    Whereabouts are you, geographically? if, perchance, you're anywhere at all near the south-west of England I'm always looking for a game...