Sunday, 26 May 2013

SS Scouts and FJ Tank Hunters

I painted these up a while ago but forgot I had the pictures on my phone.  First up is Von Der Heydte and his Fallshcrimjager Tank Hunters from Battlefront.  These were nice models except one of the Panzerfaust toting cause was missing an arm but I just painted over it and it is not really noticeable.  I have a quick and dirty way of painting splinter camo which is not super accurate but looks good from a tabletop view in my opinion.  

I also painted the SS scout platoon from Battlefront as well.  This was my first attempt at doing SS camo and I went for a mix of spring and autumn oak leaf.  I tried to use an old frayed dry rush to do the irregular base pattern and then a detail brush to put the accent colour over top.  Again it's not the best oakleaf camo ever but it was fairly quick and looks ok from afar. The Schwimmwagens were fun to paint, and I did my standard brush on three tone. Sorry the pictures aren't great. I'm starting to learn how to use my good camera so future pictures should see a major improvement.   

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