Saturday, 3 November 2012

Zvezda Opel Blitz and Katyushas

 All right, finally an update with the weather getting snowy again.  I have been trying to build up a supply of base coated figures to last me through the cold months ahead.  But I took some time out to quickly finish a couple things that I had started a while ago.  Five Opel Blitz trucks from Zvezda to use as generic transportation for my Germans.  I'm not sure if they were painted in Panzer Grey throughout the war but I figured it was a safe assumption and now I have them for all periods.    

I also finished the four Katyushas I had lying around.  These are also Zvezda Models and provide the first artillery support for my Soviets.  The kits were a bit of a pain to but together but painted up the models look just fine.  

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