Thursday, 2 August 2012

Italian Medium Tanks

After purchasing some Italian Medium Tanks off ebay I decided to paint them up.  They came partially painted with a basecoat and a bit of detail.  Basically I tried to touch them up and add some camo and then give them a wash with Devlan Mud.  They came out ok although some of the basecoats were a bit lighter than others.  I was hoping the wash would even them all out but that didn't really happen.  I was going for a scheme like this tank on display at the Bovington Museum (not my picture although I have been there).  I need to but some decals for these guys to finish them off and then look at picking up some support options, hopefully ones that can be used in both early and mid war.

As a group they look good

But here you can see the one on the right is a lighter shade

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