Monday, 20 August 2012

French Escadron De Combat Somua S-35s

So due to some deals on ebay I have found myself collecting some early war french. It all start with picking up twelve Somua S-35s cheaply.  I have since managed to get some Panhard armoured cars as well and with some British Infantry should be enough to make this list.

The Somuas have now been painted up, and I just need to pick the Panhards up from the mail.  The Somuas were fun to paint and surprisingly I didn't even mind black lining the camo.  I also painted on unit markings and national markings which turned out ok I think.
The 12 tanks together.

Little bit closer.

A close up, and view of the unit markings.

I also figured I would include a couple pictures of a day at the "office" from a couple days before since it was on the camera as well.

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  1. Very nice! Considering this same list myself.