Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happening Things in Hobby World

So in recent gaming developments I actually played a game of Warhammer Fantasy recently.  Incredible that it can actually happen.

We played a two player team game. My Dark Elves allied with Skaven against Warriors of Chaos and Demons.  The non-chaos evil guys did not bad but it was most likely a draw when we called it.  A couple things of note from the game.  Having two magic heavy armies share the same dice pool and then consistently rolling below average can be frustrating.  I guess sharing the dice pool is the standard way to do it and would probably work if you both planned your army-lists together from the start but it wasn't the best for two independent armies.  

Also my list really is designed for 7th edition.  I have a few 20-25 person blocks and then lots of smaller support units.  The Demon army had 3 units total all hordes of over 50 models.  I like to think that on a board with lots of space I could have outmanoeuvred him and worn him down with flank and rear charges.  But on a cramped board and a half more poor elves had no chance. Overall it was fun to play a game but left me wanting to play a different game, like Flames of War.  Which is a funny transition into....


This is my first army that has every reached real horde status 3 blocks of 40 infantry and a bus of 20 knights.  40 zombies isn't a ton compared to most VC armies but it is more guys than I have ever had in a unit.  The black knights are actually older Chaos knights, but with rusty armour and glowing eyes I think they should end up looking pretty good.  Not sure how actively I'll paint this army since my enthusiasm for fantasy is not what it once was.  But it was a good deal so it's not a bad thing to have waiting in the wings.

DeathSquads Prisoner Exchange 2012--  Prisoner Recieved

Mudboy on the forum sent me this sweet Ogryn Sniper all the way from Denmark.  I think this means I have to finish the rest of the squad sometime soonish.


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  1. I like your ogryn. Did your recipient receive their prisoner yet? I hadn't seen it pop up.