Monday, 18 June 2012

Ebay Bonanza (or I guess I am playing Early War)

So after a flurry of bidding on Ebay I picked up for early war 12 French Somua Tanks, 6 Matilda senior infantry tanks, 6 Honey Stuarts, 13 Italian M14/41s, a commonwealth infantry squad, and 11 SAS jeeps with dismounted stands.  For late war I got 4 M10 Achilles tank destroyers. I missed a few things since it took me awhile to get home from work but by far the worst, was 15 Panhard AMD armoured cars which went in 3 lots for a grand total of $19.00 an absolute steal of a deal. 

I was originally planning on getting them for a French Reconnisance Squadron and then only trying to get 4 of the Somuas to act as support.  But after missing them I consoled myself by buying everything that was a good deal regardless of whether I have plans to use it.  13 Italian tanks? what am I going to do with those?  I guess I am going desert early war....

Anyways it was a fun hour of bidding and I am not disappointed with anything I got, just sad I missed those Panhards.  Stay tuned for pictures of them all when they arrive.       


  1. Do you need an intervention?

  2. It probably wouldn't hurt :) Also I watched Prometheus tonight and now I want to buy Sedition Wars as well.