Sunday, 3 June 2012

Dark Elf Characters and Warmachines

I have finished (except for touching up the bases and some freehand) some heroes a chariot and two bolt throwers for my dark elf army.  I also purchased some Dark Eldar razorwing flocks to use as harpies.   I really need to start basing the rank and file but it does not interest me right now.

Various Heroes using Witch Elf and Executioner command blisters, and an Assasin.

Sorceress with Sacrificial Dagger and one with Staff.

Cold One Chariot

Bolt Throwers


  1. The cold ones look very nice. Are you using a wash on most of the armour? I'm glad to see you are getting so many models painted. If you are in Vancouver any time we should play some games.

  2. I have not been washing most of the armour. I'm sure it would improve them though. Unfortunately I got ahead of my self and snow based the entire army and now I am worried about washing or doing any touch up painting and getting it on the white snow.

  3. You can always add a touch up over the snow. A quick wash of devlan mud will add lots of depth to the armour.