Monday, 21 May 2012

The Somme Battlefields

While in Belgium we drove around to some of the sights from the battle of the Somme.  We saw most of the site around Ypres in one day.  Again some places were closed but the ones that were open were not crowded. The area around Ypres was very moving when you look across the landscape and consider the incredible loss of life that occurred here not that long ago.  The main Flanders Field Museum in Ypres was being renovated and the one in Passechendale was surrounded by a cycle cross race so we stuck to the monuments and cemeteries on this excursion.

Menin Gate at Ypres.

Reconstructed Trenches near Ypres.

Langemarck German Cemetery.

Canadian Monument at the Battle of St Julien

Looking down from the monument at Hill 62

Tyne Cot Commonwealth Cemetery.  The largest commonwealth cemetery in the world. 

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  1. Very sad. I always find the sites quite moving. It is crazy what people will do to each other.