Saturday, 12 May 2012

Dark Elf Executioner

My posting has been limited to starting a new job but I have been painting a little bit of my Dark Elves.  After pounding out a Strelkovy and Grenadier army for FoW I need a little break from 15mm.  When the German Heavy weapon kits from PSC are available in Canada I may get back into FoW in order to finish off my two armies.

For now however finishing my Dark Elf army is going to be the focus.  I painted up an Executioner to use as a Dreadlord with a great weapon.  I really love the Executioner models but don't have a place for a regiment in my army so I am going to use the ones I have as characters for now.  I tried to but myself out there with this model a bit more.  I tried to lacquer the armour my painting a mix of wash and turquoise over the metal, and I think it looks not bad.  I also outlined all the edges of the armour in Bronze which I was initially hesitant to do but it actually was not too hard.  While not a stunning paint job it is an improvement for me.  


Some rank and file, need another layer on the bases.


  1. I think the executioner looks good. The armour looks like it has a bit of verdigris, which is a very nice effect. I like the black sides on the base better than the white sides on the crossbowmen.

    I've been considering some FoW fun lately. Maybe a nice little British Armoured division based on Shermans, Fireflys, and some Stuarts. Any tips? I am planning on trying to build it mostly from Plastic Soldier Company.

  2. Thanks for the comments, any other tips you have would be great.

    For the FoW I was thinking of doing a Canadian armoured Company as well which would be very similar to the British. With 3 boxes of Shermans and Fireflies for Canadians you can reach 1360 points, and most lists are between 1500-2000. I would play around on easyarmy and make some lists, pay a dollar for the V3 Forces book or use the free Taurus Pursunat pdf.