Monday, 7 May 2012

The Dangers of Ebay

I have had a mixed experience using ebay to purchase used miniatures.  Some have been sweet deals, others have been models fused together with paint and glue to the point of being unsalvageable, some just never showed up.  Today I had the experience on trying to bid on a  number of items from the same shipper, so with combined shipping there was the incentive to win multiple auctions.  Unfortunately I was at work at the time the auction ended so ended up being narrowly outbid on a number of items I wanted but still winning a couple.  Thus diluting the value of combined shipping, and meaning a got sort of a deal.

 However I'm going to focus on the positive and show off this cool mini I am going to use as a Black Coach for my Vampire Counts.  This is the pic from the GW site, what I got has been converted and painted in Vamp colours.  Didn't know I played Vampire Counts did you? I recently agreed to a deal for a used army with a semi-local gamer so I will now have all four of my favourite Warhammer armies.  I swear no more warhammer after this.


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  1. Is that the Mordheim coach? Very nice.

    I agree that ebay is dangerous. $1-3 bits can add up fast!