Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Favourite Video Games Part 2

I’ve already lost interest in this diversion, so back to painting!  But first I will quickly run through my favourite games for the XBOX 360.  I like real time strategy games on PC so for 360 I mostly play cooperative shooters.  I really feel that playing with a friend is the most fun on an X360 and I wish there were more co-op games, I have been lucky to have played a lot with my ex-girlfriend and my brother.  These are the games I have played and liked, mostly co-ops with a couple strays.  

Gears of War
Excellently done Co-Op campaign and a good cover system make this a fun game to play with a friend.  Chainsawing Locust in half is always a good time as well.   

Not my favourite and would be downright boring if played solo in my opinion.  It does have great visuals and driving the warthog with one person shooting can lead to some “discussions” with your partner.

Mass Effect
This in my opinion is the alternative to Co-Op the fact that you feel like you are a character in an epic movie.  Mass Effect and its sequels are so engrossing that they are fun to play solo. 

Also has excellent visuals and an open but interesting storyline.  I had fun but didn’t play it much beyond the main storyline.

This is probably my favourite game for the 360.   I really like the RPG shooter style where you both develop your character as well as collecting more and better guns.  This is a great game to play Co-Op the rpg interface is light enough that it doesn’t slow the game down and it’s fun competing for kills. My only complaint is the cartoony style, if this game looked like Mass Effect it would be almost flawless.

Honourable Mention
Rainbow 6: Vegas 2
Again a well done co-op campaign, but while rappelling in through windows is fun it starts to get repetitive.              

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