Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Lure of Warhammer

A long time ago, in a mall far far away.... I walked by a gamestore and first saw a tabletop war game being played.  It was Warhammer Fantasy and I was hooked on the idea of doing something that combined my then boyish love of toy soldiers and board games.  Well a few years have gone by and I still don't have the High Elf army I fell in love with way back then although I do have the basis for it in a storage box somewhere.  With all the rules changes and the high cost of miniatures I drifted away from Warhammer.  This was propelled along by finding a great group of historical wargamers, which precipitated a foray into Napoleonics (still in progress), and then a massive digression into Flames of War (still without a full sized game being played.)  Anyways now I have moved again and the local gaming community is Warhammer and Warmahordes based, and the siren song of Warhammer is tempting back into its fell clutches.  I don't think I will be able to resist....      


  1. Did you move again? Where are you?

    1. I did move again, I moved up to Fort St John to work for the summer. I'm thinking I should have called my blog "The Nomadic Gamer"

    2. Are you fire fighting?