Friday, 6 April 2012

German Light Armour and Stuka.

Painted up my Zvezda Stuka for Flames of War I tried to go with a generic scheme that could be used across multiple periods.  I placed some decals on just to add to the over all look and they are not historically accurate.  I have very little experience with decals so I just wanted to try them out.

I also have "completed" 5 Plastic Soldier Company Sdkfz 251 Halftracks.  I didn't paint the tools and such because I just don't feel it is worth the effort at this scale and I am working to get through my backlog of painting. I also need to add the decals to them so I might be having a decaling party with myself these guys and my Panzer 4's.  These means I can now run one of my Grenadier platoons as Armoured Panzer Gren's as support for those Panzer 4's.  If I order a box of the PSC Panthers I will probably get another box or two of these Halftracks as well.

And lastly some 8-rad reconnisance armoured cars these models are from battlefront and after the PSC kits I found the metal and resin not very nice to work with. However the wheels seem to be sticking now (all 8 of them) and they sure are cool looking little blighter's.

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