Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Flames of War in Plastic

So I have "finished" my project for two Flames of War armies done using the Plastic Soldier Company range. Neither of them fits too well inside a force organization chart but they both give me lots of options.  The Soviets, which I have already shown close ups of, have: one 23 stand Rifle/Mg platoon, 15 stand Rifle/MG platoon, 15 stand SMG platoon, 10 T-34 76/85, Shturmovik air support, and 4 unfinished Katyushas and some trucks. So not fully done, but done enough to play with.

Full Army

Battlefront Flamethrowers, the only metal.

Full size Strelk Platoon


Never mind those unpainted Katyushas I snuck in there.

Tank Support

The Germans are really the core of two company's Grenadiers and Panzer IV's but can draw on each other and the rest of my collection for support.  

Battlefront 8-rads only metal german models

Grenadier Platoon

Pioneer Platoon

Panzer IV's with Decals!

Full German Army

Gepanzeret Panzer Grenadiers

Opposing Forces

Close up of MG team

Space Ork Cowboy, Tuff Git



  1. This convinces me, though I "fear" having to assemble infantry (I'm used to 6mm) you get a lot of troops with this set.

    I just bought some Forged in Battle, and while good, costs a bit more and I'm still stuck with some incomplete units.

  2. Ya filling units with the proper models for Flames can be difficult but between the PSC Infantry and Heavy Weapons boxes that are out now I think they have become the best option for sure.

  3. They look good. I went back through and looked at your FoW models. I especially like the panzer IVs. German camouflage is really nice.

  4. Have you been able to play with these armies yet? It is an impressive amount of models!