Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dipping PSC Infantry

So for the sake of mass production I decided early on that I would do a Flames of War Strelkovy battalion with PSC miniatures and by dipping them to speed painting time.  Somewhere along the way I got the idea that if I was already doing a ton of Strelkovy I might as well do some Grenadiers to oppose them.

Now the Strelkovy I sprayed with Army Painter bleached bone and when dipped I think it came out the right shade of tan for their uniforms.  For the Grenadiers I painted them using Vallejo Field Grey and the impulse decision to dip them lead to them looking a little dark.  So I think the Strelkovy turned out well and I regret dipping the Grenadiers but you can see for yourself.  Hopefully I will start basing them up today.

MG Team

Rifle Team

Advancing MG Team

Command Team I tried actually "dipping" rather than brushing on.  They looked like they went swimming in an oil spill.

Battlefront Flamethrowers the only metal figs in the Soviet Army

MG Team

SMG Team

Rifle Team

Command Team

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