Monday, 16 April 2012

Back to the Bases

Managed to Dullcote the dipped infantry without getting the dreaded frosting that people talked about.  I was a bit worried since it was colder outside than the optimal conditions but I did a couple test stands and when they were all right I went ahead and did all the Germans and Soviets. 

A group shot of all the bases being Dull-Coted some based some not.  Bit worried about the cold, note the snow on the ground, but no problems.  

Rifle/Mg Bases

SMG Bases
For the soviets I ended up with 35 Rifle/MG bases, 5 Rifle bases to be used as Pioneers and 14 SMG bases. I think that should cover most of my infantry needs. I'm also planning on ordering a couple of the heavy weapons boxes which should give me an ample number of mortars, HMGs and AT Rifles and should pretty much finish off the Soviets.

The Germans also were based but I will have to get some pictures of them up later.

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