Saturday, 31 March 2012

Zvezda Stormovik and a CowOrk

So unfortunatly I did not make it down to Vancouver for the Trumpeters Convention.  I'm sure it would have been a great time but I am still feeling a little burnt out from travelling and didn't want to face the 12 hour drive down and then back.  So instead I have made slow progress on a couple projects.  I finished my 1:144 Stormovik to provide some airsupport for my All Plastic Soviets.

I also started painting my prisoner for the Deathsquads Prisoner Exchange 2012.  Below are some conversion and in progress painting pictures (sorry I cannot figure out how to rotate them so you are just going to have to tilit your head.)  The ork is obviously inspired by Western movies, particularly True Grit and the Outlaw Josey Wales.  I had prievously not worked with Greenstuff very much at all and I learned a few things trying to get this guy how I wanted him.  Hopefully I will finish up painting him in the next couple days.    


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