Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Various Projects.

So rather than starting to document my travels I have instead jumped into a couple little projects.

The Deathsquads Prisoner Exchange, is where you convert and paint a model and then send it to a participant somewhere else in the world.  In return another random participant sends you one as well.  Some people are going over the top with multi-model dioramas and such.  I am aiming lower and hoping to do one well executed conversion with a nice paint job.  My plan is to do a cowboy themed Ork "hired gun."  I feel like the hired gun is a good call since it can be used across multiple squads.  I still need to decide on whether I want to try and mold a poncho for him out of green stuff. 
The Black Ork Nob has lost his topknot and received a hat and spurs.

I decided I wanted him to have both guns aimed forward, so I had to cut up an axe arm and re-equip it.

 I am also starting to try to convert my Warhamer Empire army to be a useable Renaissance force for Fields of Glory.  I bought some pikes off the internet and have had a go at cutting their spears away and drilling their hands out.  It hasn't worked out very smoothly with bit of spear left behind but from a distance I think they are starting to look all right.  The small sizes of FOG Renaissance units doesn't help with letting my poor conversions blend into the crowd. I will probably convert around 24 of them to pikes which will give me enough for 4 small pike and shotte units.    

I was hoping to be able to dip my Soviet and German infantry but it is still too cold and too much snow on the ground.  I'll also start writing up some museum/battlefield reviews this week, as soon as I find my motivation.

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