Friday, 13 January 2012

Zevezda Soviet Support, Katyushas and Shturmoviks

I have assembled some Corps support for my Strelkovy Battalion.  The start of a Guards Rocket Mortar Battalion with 2 soon to be 4 Katyushas. And an Il2 Shturmovik I have 3 of these bad boys but might hold off on the other two till version 3 of Flames of War is released which might change the number of planes you need.

\I did a bit of a step by step for the Katyushas so you could see how they go together.

The Finished Product

The Chassis

The launching superstructure is quite fiddly and it is hard to remove the mold lines off the tires. 

The soft plastic on both these kits is not nearly as nice to work with as Plastic Soldier Company's stuff.  It is hard to clean the mold lines off when the plastic bends away from the knife.  The Propeller on the Il2 was particularly frustrating and I finally gave up on.  Luckily no ones going to be looking at it too closely I hope.  Too cold outside to spray a base coat on these guys so I think I am going to keep building.  The remaining Katys and some PSC German Half-tracks are next.   

Also I purchased a Secrets of the Third Reich A.P.E.  to use as an Ogryn in my death squad.  Did a quick head swap and nothing else. Sorry the picture is far away I will take a better one once he sees some paint.


  1. My, that's a nice little conversion you have there! How does the scale look next to 40k figures? I looked into the game itself a bit. I think it looks like quite a bit of fun. Kind of a dungeon crawl style miniature boardgame.

    1. I think the scale is just about perfect. The APE looks like a regular human wearing an armoured suit, so maybe a bit smaller than a terminator. Incursion looks pretty fun like a bit more complicated Space Hulk there is also an associated tabletop game Secrets of the Third Reich which looks pretty cool as well.

  2. my dad just bought 8 of the katyushas and I agree, the soft plastic is not ideal, but they get the job done. thanks for the review.