Thursday, 5 January 2012

Poor Bloody Infantry

I finished painting (except for the dipping) and glued to the bases (but have not yet based) my German infantry.  The Soviet infantry has also been glued to bases.  I am really not looking forward to basing all these guys and they will probably all get a very similar sand and static grass base.  The one hiccup in all this is that I stupidly glued all the soviets down with white glue not plastic glue so some have been falling off.  I contemplated ripping them all off and doing it all again but can't handle that right now.  Hopefully the glue and sand will help secure them and any who fall off after that will get plastic cement.

For Flames of war the Germans make up 3 grenadier platoons and 1 pioneer platoon with a company HQ. 
A Grenadier Platoon

A basic paint job.

4 Platoons

The soviets are one full company of 3 platoons and one short company of 2 platoons. Also 10 SMG teams to either be swapped into the infantry platoons or to be used as tank riders, though the rules for them have changed in the latest book so not sure if they will get used as tank riders much.
Should have spaced them out into platoons, but you get the picture
The most time consuming part of the Germans was actually doing the equipment on their back which you can't see in the pictures and is hardly noticeable in real life anyways.  Another reason not to get too detailed at 15mm :)  Not sure whether I am going to start basing next or start painting something else. Or I could always assemble something.       

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  1. What is with all of this productivity lately? That is a pile of mostly painted models! Base them up and get them all finished. I know I am terrible at coming back to finish mostly completed models. All these updates are great. Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing you finished DS squad and Malifaux crew;-)