Sunday, 1 January 2012

Panzer IV's

I have been focusing on my 10 panzer IV's from PSC for the past little while and they are now all done except for the decaling.  I have currently misplaced the sheet of decals I purchased so both my Panzers and my T-34's are standing by until they can be relocated.  I am quite happy with the panzers.  The camo pattern isn't exactly what I wanted, but it looks decent in my opinion.  Half of them have a more striped pattern and half have a more block pattern.
    The edges of the camo swaths are cleaner than I think many people get with an airbrush, and the feather edges is something some tutorials recommend copying with a brush but looking at pictures I am not convinced that this is any more of a realistic pattern than a defined and clean edged camouflage.  I was particularly happy with how the tracks turned out.  This was my first attempt at the red rust/ iron oxide look and I think they turned out fairly well although you can't see it in the pictures.
    The basing of the Russians is also on hold and I am making slow progress on the German infantry.  For something totally different I assembled a Space Marine battle barge and reassembled after they came apart it's accompanying escorts.  Maybe one day they too will face the brush.       

The one on the right has been washed in Devlan Mud and is the final product.


  1. They look really good. MAybe for a next step you could add some dirty runs and rust around the rivets and things using devlan mud or gryphonne sepia. You could try lightly sponging a little battle damage or using a pencil to create some weathered patches around high wear areas. Not sure how much time you are wanting to put in though, with your 250+ infantry kicking around...

  2. I have plans to add some basic weathering when I find and apply some decals. I think just some metal sponged on around the edges. I'm currently working on the German infantry and after that they will need some half tracks to go with them...