Thursday, 22 December 2011

Black Friday Reinforcements

So taking advantage of the Black Friday sale at The Warstore I tried to purchase all my hobby needs in one fell swoop.  I got some german half tracks, air support for Soviets and Russians and bases for all my PSC infantry.  I also picked up some additional German units to round things out like 8-rad armoured cars and some tank hunter teams. Also some Katyushas and a bunch of trucks for Germans and Soviets.

Ze Germans are coming.

To battle my Soviets and support my Fallschrimjager and Schwere Panzer Company some Grenadiers and Pv IV's are starting the painting process. I was waiting on some fieldgrey paint after buying german grey by mistake, but the Panzers have progressed farther than these pictures show.  I primed them with the same bleach bone spray as my soviet infantry and then basecoated GW Desert Yellow over that.


Tank Support

No work in progress shots of these guys, although I guess technically they are not yet finished since I need to apply some decals but the painting is done.  Again, very basic but that is how I roll.   I really like that plastic soldier company provides the two turret options, much  more cost efficient.  I have ten T-34's to support my Strelkovy now or perhaps form the core of a new tank company...   

Mass Production in the Motherland

So I have not been updating this regularly but I have made some progress on my Plastic Soldier Company Soviet Flames of War Army.  The infantry are done except for being dipped and based, and I think the dipping is going to have to wait for warmer weather.  So that is 260 minis which are currently being based. They are not, and never will be display quality but from a tabletop view I have to concur that quantity has a quality all its own.  And hopefully dipping will help them out a little.