Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Soviet Infantry

"Oh look! plastic 15mm miniatures they are cheap and good quality."
"Don't you already have a ton of unpainted models?"
"Well yes, but these ones are different."
"Fair enough."

This is the conversation my mind had which lead to me purchasing the core of a Russian Strelkovy company and German Grenadier Company for Flames of War, all from the Plastic Soldier Company.  I purchased them online from Woodrows war store in Canada since I thought they had everything I wanted in stock.  Turns out they actually didn't so this project is starting two weeks later than I had planned but it doesn't really matter. 

First up is the Soviets still in their boxes.

And their German opponents.

The soviets will be first since I don't yet have an allied army.  Also I hadn't actually planned on doing Germans since I already have a Fallschrimjager and a Tiger Company.  But then I thought the tigers could use some Grenadier support and then the Panzer IV's were released and they looked good and would also be a good support choice and then another box of Panzer's would let me make a panzer company.... you get the point.
  So, two armies and only limited time before winter comes and I can no longer prime anything because of the snow.  In order to get the Strelk done fast I found this excellent tutorial on speed painting soviets.   With this in mind I clipped off and assembled all 260 figs and glued each pose on its own popsicle stick, ready to be sprayed.  I found the figs that had to be assembled quite annoying even though it was mostly just guns and heads, but no worse than cleaning off mold lines.  

After they have all been sprayed.
Next will be on to the actual painting.


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  2. Wow, 260 figures to paint. That is a lot!

  3. PS-how is flames of war. I was thinking I might try it out in a year or so. I have a friend who I think I could convince to try it out...