Friday, 23 September 2011

Introduction and Initial Offering.

Thought I would start off by introducing myself and put up some pics of things that I have previously painted. My name is Sean and I live a semi-nomadic life in British Columbia, Canada.  I just finished university so things might settle down a bit eventually but for now I move a couple times a year so have never managed to establish a good gaming group.  This might contribute to my relatively scattered interest across the war gaming spectrum.  I have armies for both Warhammer Fantasy and 40K.  I have a couple of Battle Fleet Gothic Fleets and small Dwarf force for Lord of the Rings I have also delved into the fan created game, Death Squads.

Outside of the GW universe I have played games of Flames of War and Napolean's Battles and am currently considering converting my Warhammer Empire army into a Pike and Shotte force for Field of Glory.

Current projects are painting some more 15mm French until I can get access to the core of a FoW Soviet Army which got mailed to the wrong address.  That is the next big project and I hope to document my attempt at quickly painting a respectable soviet army.

2 not fully finished Stugs in Late War scheme
Tiger Company
Unbased French Cuirassier 15mm
My converted Blackguard, people don't seem to like them but I thought they turned out decently.

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