Thursday, 22 December 2011

Black Friday Reinforcements

So taking advantage of the Black Friday sale at The Warstore I tried to purchase all my hobby needs in one fell swoop.  I got some german half tracks, air support for Soviets and Russians and bases for all my PSC infantry.  I also picked up some additional German units to round things out like 8-rad armoured cars and some tank hunter teams. Also some Katyushas and a bunch of trucks for Germans and Soviets.

Ze Germans are coming.

To battle my Soviets and support my Fallschrimjager and Schwere Panzer Company some Grenadiers and Pv IV's are starting the painting process. I was waiting on some fieldgrey paint after buying german grey by mistake, but the Panzers have progressed farther than these pictures show.  I primed them with the same bleach bone spray as my soviet infantry and then basecoated GW Desert Yellow over that.


Tank Support

No work in progress shots of these guys, although I guess technically they are not yet finished since I need to apply some decals but the painting is done.  Again, very basic but that is how I roll.   I really like that plastic soldier company provides the two turret options, much  more cost efficient.  I have ten T-34's to support my Strelkovy now or perhaps form the core of a new tank company...   

Mass Production in the Motherland

So I have not been updating this regularly but I have made some progress on my Plastic Soldier Company Soviet Flames of War Army.  The infantry are done except for being dipped and based, and I think the dipping is going to have to wait for warmer weather.  So that is 260 minis which are currently being based. They are not, and never will be display quality but from a tabletop view I have to concur that quantity has a quality all its own.  And hopefully dipping will help them out a little.   

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Soviet Infantry

"Oh look! plastic 15mm miniatures they are cheap and good quality."
"Don't you already have a ton of unpainted models?"
"Well yes, but these ones are different."
"Fair enough."

This is the conversation my mind had which lead to me purchasing the core of a Russian Strelkovy company and German Grenadier Company for Flames of War, all from the Plastic Soldier Company.  I purchased them online from Woodrows war store in Canada since I thought they had everything I wanted in stock.  Turns out they actually didn't so this project is starting two weeks later than I had planned but it doesn't really matter. 

First up is the Soviets still in their boxes.

And their German opponents.

The soviets will be first since I don't yet have an allied army.  Also I hadn't actually planned on doing Germans since I already have a Fallschrimjager and a Tiger Company.  But then I thought the tigers could use some Grenadier support and then the Panzer IV's were released and they looked good and would also be a good support choice and then another box of Panzer's would let me make a panzer company.... you get the point.
  So, two armies and only limited time before winter comes and I can no longer prime anything because of the snow.  In order to get the Strelk done fast I found this excellent tutorial on speed painting soviets.   With this in mind I clipped off and assembled all 260 figs and glued each pose on its own popsicle stick, ready to be sprayed.  I found the figs that had to be assembled quite annoying even though it was mostly just guns and heads, but no worse than cleaning off mold lines.  

After they have all been sprayed.
Next will be on to the actual painting.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

One sweet Model

My content is lacking, hopefully that will improve as I have more time to hobby.  Found out about the Jurrasic Reich line of miniatures from eureka today and am trying  to think of some way to include them in a project that has a slight chance of ever being seen by some one other than me.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

After Action Reports

No, not mine I don't actually play games, but I do enjoy reading other peoples so I thought I would post some links to a few favorites that other people have done.

Some of the most aesthetically pleasing FoW AAR's on the net, if only they would do more.

WWPD's are also nicely presented and they have a lot of them.

Malcolm at the UVic club has created some amazing AAR's and Campaign Journals. the latest campaign and the general page.

Oddly I have not really found too many well done warhammer battle reports, but I will keep my eyes open.  

Some quite funny Field of Glory here 

Friday, 23 September 2011

Introduction and Initial Offering.

Thought I would start off by introducing myself and put up some pics of things that I have previously painted. My name is Sean and I live a semi-nomadic life in British Columbia, Canada.  I just finished university so things might settle down a bit eventually but for now I move a couple times a year so have never managed to establish a good gaming group.  This might contribute to my relatively scattered interest across the war gaming spectrum.  I have armies for both Warhammer Fantasy and 40K.  I have a couple of Battle Fleet Gothic Fleets and small Dwarf force for Lord of the Rings I have also delved into the fan created game, Death Squads.

Outside of the GW universe I have played games of Flames of War and Napolean's Battles and am currently considering converting my Warhammer Empire army into a Pike and Shotte force for Field of Glory.

Current projects are painting some more 15mm French until I can get access to the core of a FoW Soviet Army which got mailed to the wrong address.  That is the next big project and I hope to document my attempt at quickly painting a respectable soviet army.

2 not fully finished Stugs in Late War scheme
Tiger Company
Unbased French Cuirassier 15mm
My converted Blackguard, people don't seem to like them but I thought they turned out decently.