Monday, 10 October 2016

Kings of War Undead vs Varangur

I faced a Varagur list with my standard Undead list. The mission was dominate, which I don't think I have actually played before. My opponent had:

2x Sons of Korgaan
Horde of Direfang riders with Herja's Blessing, and brew of sharpness  
Horde of Fallen with Brew of Strength  
4x Tundra Wolves 
2x Magus 

My opponent gave me the first turn. I moved my Dragon and Soul Reavers forward on the right. In the centre my infantry went forward into the dominate zone. On the left the archers scored a wound on the Tundra Wolves and wavered them. 

Varanguer turn, on the left the Fallen went into the woods and Herja hoped over them. The wolves in the center charged the ghouls, while the other unit advanced towards the archers. On the right the wolves advanced to block the soul reavers. While the Direfangs pivoted to face the dragon, but stay out of range of the Soul Reavers. The wolves put 4 wounds on the Ghouls but then rolled double 1's for the break test.


On the right I flank charge the wolves with the Revenant Horde and the Wraiths into the front. The dragon flies past the Direfangs while the Soul Reavers angle towards the centre. In the middle the Ghouls and the Revenant Regiment swing ineffectually at the wolves. The Rev Cavalry hangs back. While on the left the Wraiths charge the wolves that were wavered last turn.  I rout both flanking units of wolves and am now threatening the centre of his line with my heavy hitters.

Undead TURN 2 

Varangur TURN 2 Centre wolves charge the archers. Herja (who I forgot about) charges the Rev Cav. Dire fangs pivot to face forward again. Fallen turn to face the wraiths on the left flank.  One unit of Sons turns to face the incoming dragon and Soul Reavers. He makes a crucial mistake by putting his magi between his units and mine. If this was a calculated move where they were just over say 4" away and he wanted to play the overrun odds I would have been impressed but I think he just sort of forgot.  The wolves in the centre rout the ghouls. While on the left the other wolves rout the archers.
Varangur Turn 2

Undead: I back the rev cav up to create a surge path for the wights to get surged into Herja, but she stands up to it well. The wraiths on the left hop the woods. Wraiths on the right move up beside the dire fangs.  The soul reavers charge the magus and overrun into the flank of the sons, routing them. The Dragon charges a magus and also overruns into the flank but the Sons hold firm.

Varangur: The sons charge the revenant regiment and rout them. The fallen turn around in the forest to face the field of battle. The Direfangs charge the Horde and put 12 wounds on them, but they hold. Herja and the wolves damage the Rev Cav but not enough to rout them.

Undead: Soul Reavers, Revenants and Wraiths charge the Direfangs, doing over 20 wounds, but Korgan judges them and finds them worthy (not sure what marking rubric he uses, since they have done nothing all game) so they come back to life, still with a pile of wounds. The wraiths and Wights rout the sons in the centre. while the dragon hops forward to breath fire on Herja (ineffectually, she is Def 6+). The rev cav puts some wounds on the wolves.  

Varagurr: The fallen who were lurking in the woods, see their chance and spring out charging the dragon in the flank, and rout it. The Direfangs charge the Revenant horde and rout them. Herja and the Wolves are still whittling down the Rev Cav. A big comeback for the Varangur but they are still in a bad position.

Undead: The wraiths and Wights team up to takedown the Fallen. Soul Reavers and Wraiths rout the dire fangs.

Varangurr: Herja and her dogs finally rout the Rev Cav but they game is up, they are the last units left.


Undead: Wraiths charge the Wolves and rout them. Wights with a helpful Bane Chant from the Necro rout Herja.


A solid win for the forces of the undead. It would have been more convincing if I had not stupidly exposed my dragon to a flank charge. I think my opponent could have been much more effective if he had of used the wolves he had in the centre to screen the dire fangs and been more aggressive with them.  I also need a plan for dealing with Herja, but I'm not sure what that is going to be other than just letting her charge things and then countercharging.


Thursday, 22 September 2016

Kings of War Mega Game: Picture Dump

The club had an 8000 points a side with 4 players per side a couple weekends ago.  The mission was a simple Kill! scenario pitting the forces of evil with : Undead, Undead, Abyssal Dwarves, and Varangur. Against  the good and neutral forces of: Elves, Kingdoms of Men, Force of Nature, and the Heard.

We probably didn't start deploying till around 11:30 and finished around 4 after 8 turns. The Undead and Varangur near the castle had pretty much routed the Elves and Humans across from them while on the other end the tide of battle was reversed and the Undead and Abyssal Dwarfs had been routed by the Forces of Nature and the Heard. I was really impressed with how the flow of the game was maintained even with that many players and I would definitely do it again. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

Kings of War Undead vs. Abyssals

Played a 2000 point game of Loot against Pathfinder James' Forces of the Abyss.  My list is posted below. I'm very happy with it as I think it represents a balanced force that is able to deal with a wide range of threats and perform well in scenarios.  

James deployed from left to right in the picture. Reg Tortrured Souls, Reg Abyssal Horesmen, Reg Imps, Horde Larva, with winged greater abyssal and Chroneas behind them, Reg Imps with Reg Flamebeards behind. Greater Abyssal, Horde of Lesser Abyssals, Reg of Lesser Abyssals 

I have Revenant Cav, Wraiths, Dragon, Soul Reavers, Wights, Revenant Regiment, ASB, Archers, Necromancer, Horde Revenants, Wraiths. 

Loot counters are in the middle, I won the turn to go first and gave it to James. I didn't want to advance into range of his shooting on the first turn, and I though he might come into charge range if he was feeling aggressive. 


Deployment from another angle 

Abyssals advanced forward cautiosly 

Undead move up on the left, the wraiths are in charge range of the Abyssal Horesemen, and the winged  greater abyssal (barely, which I had not realized)

Ab Horesmen took out the Wraiths and Winged Greater Abyssal charged the soul reavers in the woods and only managed a couple of wounds. 

Horsemen reformed

The Dragon and Revenant Cav routed the Abyssal Horesmen. The Soul Reavers and Wraiths charged the Greater Abyssal but despite lots of wounds could not rout it.  My right flank wraiths flew in behind his lines. Revenant Horde collected a loot token.

Imps and Greater Abyssal put 11 wounds on the Wraiths and then roll a 3 for the rout check. 

Tortured souls charged the dragon. Larva charged the revenant regiment, Lower Abyssal Horde and Imps charged the Rev Horde. 

The dragon was blocking my Rev cav, so I moved him out of the way (but forgot that he should have lost his nimble). They hit the Tourtured souls hard but can't rout them. Soul Reavers went into the side of the greater abyssal and rout him. Wraiths can't rout the Imps. My revenant Horde routs the imps and reforms against his Horde. My right Wraiths dance around his Lesser Regiment. I was just trying to prevent them from getting a flank on my horde. 

The left flank is starting to look good for me.

Tourtured Souls put 7 wounds on the Rev Cav but can't break them. The Imps however rout the Wraiths.  Chroneas breathes on the Dragon for a few more wounds but doesn't rout him. Larvae and Rev Regiment are counting their slap fight in the middle. The two hordes are battling it out.

 I finally manage a hop and surge with the Wraiths routing the Lesser Abyssal Regiment. 

The Rev Cav routed the tourtured Souls, The Soul Reavers and Dragon rout Chroneas. The blocks in the centre remain tied  up. I now have two loot tokens, Rev Cav and Rev Horde vs. James one with the Imps, who are staring down soul reavers. 

Imps charge the soul reavers. Greater Abyssal wipes out the Wraiths.

Soul Reavers rout the Imps. Dragon flanks the Horde and routs it. I now have all three loot tokens. I think this is bottom of the fifth turn

Slightly zoomed out.

I missed the Abyssal players turn. Greater Abyssal only needed a 6 on the nerve check to rout the Horde but rolls a 3. Flame Bearers put a couple wounds on the Soul Reavers. Who charge and rout them. Dragon and Horde put some wounds on the Greater Abyssal. 

Game ends on turn 6. Undead have 3 loot tokens and are in command of the board. 

A great game, that really felt like it went back and forth. The imps taking down my wights was one of the highlights. Tactically my list performed well. The infantry held ground while my fast arm broke through then came in on the flank. The combo charge from the Soul Reavers and Dragon is really enough against most units.  James' army is nicely painted and it inspired me to hurry up and finish the basing for my guys (and finally paint the dragon). I think James' only mistake was being too worried about my wraiths on the right flank, he ended up keeping the lesser abyssal horde and greater demon back so they couldn't hop over his lines, but I think he would have been better off pushing to get either unit into the flank of my horde.