Monday, 24 April 2017

KoW: Undead vs Abyssal Dwarfs

2000 point game of dominate between my Undead and Dale's Abyssal Dwarves.

I was running

Dale had

Lord on Greater Abyssal Dragon
Supreme Ironcaster on Great winged Halfbreed
horde of Golems
regiment of golems
greater golem
regiment of immortals
troop of immortals
regiment of halfbreeds
troop of halfbreeds
3 troops of gargoyles
1 dragon's breath team

Dale choose sides and had three drops more than me. We both concentrated our slower units in the middle with fast units on the flank. Except that he deployed his big fliers behind the centre of his line.

[I missed getting a picture of deployment, so the first picture is at the end of Turn 1.]

Turn 1:
Dwarves: They move up cautiously staying out of the long charge range of my flyers and werewolves.

Undead: I moved my left flank into charge range, with the Rev King on wyrm going his full distance forward. I kept the soul reavers out of charge range of his iron caster, so they were not in range of the golems but I felt he would have to move them forward next turn. On the right I was able to get in charge range of the halfbreeds while staying out of charge range of the gargoyles.  

End of Turn 1

Turn 2:

Dwarves: Going from left to right, the Dragon team put two wounds on the Wyrm King. Halfbreeds turned to face the werewolves. The middle moved forward with the Golem regiment getting surged. The Gargoyles flew forward to chaff up my lines. I think this is where Dale made a big mistake and his left most Gargoyles should have gone in front of his Halfbreed regiment to screen them from the werewolves and the wraiths. On the right the gargoyles blocked up the werewolves and he surged the Golems forward though not very far. This was Dale's second mistake, which he recognized in the shooting phase, his Golem horde now had an exposed flank to the soul reavers.

Dwarf Turn 2 
 Undead: Every unit but my Necromancer declared a charge this round. On the left the Wyrm King and Wraiths charged the fire team and only wavered it, hindered when you are hitting on 4+ base really sucks. The werewolves charged the Halfbreeds and wavered them. Horde of Revenants charged immortal troop and routed them. Horde of zombies charged the Gargoyles and the Ghouls flanked, routing them. But the Ghouls were unable to reform because of the close quarters. Wraiths charged the gargoyles and wavered them which was a great result for me. (I considered charging the Golems behind them but then the gargoyles would have been running around my backfield and I don't think I would have routed the Golems anyways). The Soul Reavers took the flank charge on the golems and routed them. The Lykanis did well and wavered the Halfbreed troop. The werewolves routed the gargoyles. I tried to move the soul reavers ahead and only rolled a 1 so their rear was now exposed to the Golems surge. I couldn't turn to not give a rear charge to either the Golems or the Iron Caster so I was hoping to get far enough away that he would have to get lucky with surge in order to reach me.

Undead Turn 2

End of Undead Turn 2

Turn 3: Picture missing

Dwarves: The Fire team backed away. The Halfbreed regiment can't move and regenerates a few wounds. The Lord on Abyssal didn't have room to charge so shuffled and then shot a fireball (A better option might have been jumping over my line but that's always dangerous with surge around, he might have been able to go behind the werewolves which don't have surge though.). The immortals charge the flank of the Ghouls and do 17 wounds followed by a snake eyes (thanks to the help of another club mate using his Voodo magic on Dale's dice). The Greater Golem squished some Zombies. The Iron Caster on Flying Abyssal got into surge position to put the Golems into the rear of the Soul Reavers wavering them. The Halfbreed troop holds and regenerates most of their wounds.    

Undead: Wraiths charge the Fire team and rout it. Wyrm King, Revenants and Werewolves rout the Halfbreeds. Ghouls countercharge the immortals and don't wound them (that's more like how I though this combat would go). Zombies countercharge the Greater Golem and don't wound either (I forgot to bane chant them). The Wraiths kill off the Gargoyles. The Werewolves are able to nimble charge around the Soul Reavers and flank the Supreme Iron Caster but roll double ones. The Lykanis charges the Halfbreeds again but can't even waver them.    

End of Undead Turn 3

Turn 4:


Lord on Abyssal charges the werewolves but they hold. Immortals destroy the Ghouls and reform to face the revenants. Greater Golem puts another 5 wounds on the zombies but rolls double 1's so they are sticking around. Iron Caster tries to fireball the wraiths but does no wounds. Golems finish off the soul reavers (would have been nice to have some inspiring near them). Supreme Iron caster counter charges the Werewolves. In a reversal of previous fortunes the recovered Halfbreed troop wavers the Lykanis.  

End of Dwarves Turn 4

The Golem uses his CS 3 to squish Zombies. This is one of the reasons the Zombies are in the list, they effectively held up twice their points for most of the game. 

Undead: The Werewolves and joined by the flanking wraiths to waver the Lord on Abyssal Dragon. The Revenants charge the Immortals. The Zombies charge the Greater Golem. Wraiths charge the Iron Caster but can't even waver him, leaving their flank exposed to the Golems but he won't be surging them into the werewolves. Wyrm King zips across to help the Werewolves kill the Supreme Iron Caster. The Lkyanis uses his nimble to back away drawing the Halfbreeds further from the centre.

End of Undead Turn 4

Turn 5:
Dwarves: Lord on Dragon backs up to put both units into his front arc. Immortals charge the Revenants but only do a few wounds. The Greater Golem routs the Zombies. The Golems and the Iron Caster charge the wraiths. The Caster does one wound which proves crucial as he rolls and matches their nerve, routing the wraiths and allowing him to reform the Golems. The Halfbeeds charge the Lykanis in a continuation of the slap fight, only this turn can't waver it.

End of Dwarf Turn 5 

Undead: Werewolves charge the dragon but can't waver it.  Revenants and Wyrm King rout the Immortals. Wraiths fly across and charge the Golems flank, with the Werewolves charging the front. Even then I only manage to put four wounds on them and the are steady. The Lykanis charges the Halfbreeds they were up to 8 wounds at this point but I double 1 them (the fourth of the game, two each)
Snack Eyes on the Halfbreeds nerve check. 

Turn 6: So either my pictures are wrong or we messed up keeping track of turns. At this point we thought we had just finished Turn 6 so we rolled for Turn 7 and it was a 2 so the game ended. The Dominate point is under the Revenants So I had 2 Hordes, 1 Monster and a troop. He had two monsters in the scoring zone, so a win to the undead. We talked about what would have happened with another turn and not much would have changed.
End of the Game 

2 other games were happening at the club, a home brew 15mm Sci-Fi rules set.

And a game of Pikeman's Lament, a Pike and Shotte skirmish game from Osprey.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

KoW Concentric Game 2 vs. KoM and Nighstalkers

Game 2 was against Chris' Kingdoms of Men allied with Nightstalkers. Saruman managed to convince Gandalf to come to the dark side and together they brought the stuff of nightmares into the world (or it's a splinter hive fleet I'm not sure...) The scenario was pillage.

His list was,  from left to right:

Horde of Heavy Pike with Brew of strength
Mounted scouts
Horde of Footguard
Horde Butchers
troop of reapers
horde of archers with jar of 4 winds
reg of knights
reg of knights with caterpillar


Turn 1
Undead surge forward. I didn't meant to put the wraiths in range of the non-pathfinder Knights but they were, which was actually perfect. On the left, I really didn't know what to do, he has a pike horde screened by chaff cavalry. I didn't move the soul reavers which was a mistake.

Undead Turn 1
Turn 1: KoM

Knights charge the wraiths but being hindered the Wratihs are fine. Archers waver the ghouls. Cavalry and pikes advance on the left. Night stalkers move up in the middle but stay out of my charge range.

KoM Turn 1 

Turn 2:
Undead:  Wraiths and Werewolves kill the knights and then pivot to face the second unit, I was thinking that either unit had a chance to hold and then the other would get a flank. I ran the left ghouls into the middle. Why? I don't know. They would have been much more useful going further left to try and take out his chaff cavalry.  The wights don't want to advance into range of the dopplegangers. The Dragon does not have any good charges. I managed to waver the light cavalry with the dragon and archers. But still haven't moved the soul reavers so can't take advantage of this.

KoM:  Knights on the left charge the werewolves who hold. Wraiths are shot off by the archers (why did I move my Rev king out of inspiring range?) Centre  ghouls are routed by a lighting bolt from the wizard. The rest holds out of charge range.

KoM Turn 2 in progress 

Turn 3:
Undead: Ghouls charge the Butchers and do a couple wounds. Werewolves countercharge the knights and waver them . Dragon charges the ASB who is hiding behind the tower and only wavers him.

KoM: Knights are stuck where they are. Archers put some wounds on the Rev King. Butchers crush the Ghouls but then roll double ones Chris decides to use his one re-roll and routs them. The Reapers charge the Revenants, are hindered and only manage a few wounds. The Pike are stuck behind the wavered cavalry. The dopplegangers and Foot Guard move forward.

End of Undead Turn 3 
Turn 4:
Undead: Wights charge the foot guard  who hold. Revenants destroy the reapers. Werewolves destroy the knights. Rev King charges the wizard who holds. Dragon routs the ASB. Archers finally rout the cavalry. But the Soul Reavers have continued to stand directly in front of the pike horde. (One has to wonder what I was thinking?)

KoM: Pike Horde charges the Soul Reavers :( who hold. Dopplegangers and Foot guard charge the wraiths, overkill them but then he rolls double ones (he wished he hadn't used his re-roll earlier). Butchers charge the Revenants but can't rout them yet. Archers shoot the werewolves but roll low.

End of Undead Turn 4 
Undead: Dragon has no charges so he flies into the middle and burns the dopplegangers for a couple wounds. Soul Reavers and Skeleton Archers charge the Pike Horde but can't break them. Wights CC the Foot Guard but they hold. Revenants and fighting the Butchers. Werewolves charge the archers. Rev King is still fighting the wizard.

KoM:  Pike horde routes the soul reavers. Dopplers and Foot Guard route the Wights.  Archers CC the werewolves but can't do much.

Turn 6:  
Undead:  Dragon charges the rear of the Foot guard and routs them. Werewolves charge the Butchers and I roll a 3 when I need a 4 to rout them so I buy my re-roll and they rout. Rev King is still fighting that wizard.  Archers are fighting the Pike.

KoM: Dopplers pivot back around. Pike Horde routes the archers.  The game would have been a tie at this point with the Werewolves having an objective, the dopplers and dragons contesting one, and the Pike with an objective. But! we go to turn 7.

KoM End of Turn  5

Turn 7:
Undead charges the dopplers and routs them, while staying  out of range of the pike.
KoM: hold the objective, but can't do anything else.
End of Turn 6 

Undead win 2 objectives to 1, and I believe I killed just over 500 points more than he did. A hard fought battle and one that I think I made some significant mistakes on. Deploying the soul reavers and dragon without any chaff to help them  on a flank where they had limited options really limited my options from the start of the game. They need to be in the middle, where I can win the chaff battle with my ghouls and wraiths and then hit home with the rest of the army in support. Pillage really made me spread my army out, and I could have deployed my pillage tokens much more tactically to create bottlenecks for his three infantry hordes, and to allow me to use my higher speed to seize widely spaced ones toward the end of the game.

Post Game Analysis with Vlad

Once again you have managed an underserved victory through dumb luck and base cunning.  Your best tactical manoeuvre in the entire game was when you mis-measured the knights charge range badly, but not badly enough to allow both units to charge. You once again placed your  unstoppable Soul Reaver  Knights on an obscure flank, and then failed to even move them the entire game.  Your deployment was abysmal in every regard with unsupported units spread out all across the table. After surging the Wights had saved you from you own incompetence last game you might have thought you would have learned to keep them near a character that could surge them, but no... You decided to deploy them on their own, away from any characters that could allow you to use your greatest tactical advantage. At this point impalement is too kind for the likes of you, and I must put my mind to something much worse...  

Sunday, 27 November 2016

KoW Concentric Game 1 Undead vs. Salamanders

The University of Victoria games club hosted their games day formerly called "Concentric" which this year included a Kings of War Tournament run by the UVIC Sunday Miniature Games Club. Brindley at the club but a big effort in to getting people out so we actually ended up with 14 players coming out, some for their first games of Kings of War. This made it the biggest Kings of War tournament ever held in British Columbia.

The tournament used the Clash of Kings rules changes and the final scenario was a modified  Kill and Push. You could also buy the re-roll of one dice per game by donating $5 to charity. I rally liked this since it helped take a bit of the  double 1's randomness out of the game, but there were definitely a few games where people used their re-roll early in the game and regretted it.

I had intended to take pictures for each turn but that did not quite happen.  Hopefully I will be able to remember when I forgot and describe the action that happened.

Game 1: I was paired against Gerald's Salamanders. He had a horde of Primes and 2 regiments of Ceremonial guard. A flying (teleporting) Fire Drake with Ancient and boots of levitation, and a horde of Rhinosaurs. He also has the scrying gem which, was popular at this tournament. The Scenario was Invade.

We ended up basically refusing each others flank, although I think Gerald got the better of it since my Soul Reavers were deployed across from a regiment of ceremonial guard (phalanx) and their ember sprite screen.

Deployment. The Dragons are on opposite sides of the table. 

Turn 1: No Picture

The Salamanders moved their main force forward . The Drake  moved to flame the Archers.
Undead: Werewolves and Dragon move towards the flanking force. Soul Reavers come into the centre and the main battle line turns towards the right flank.

Turn 2:

Salamanders:  Drake hops in behind my line and flames my Revenant King but doesn't get a nerve result. The ember sprites however breath attack the dragon get one wound and roll double 6's wavering him. Rhinosaurs charge the archers and rout them. Ghekkotah move to protect their flank from the Wraiths.

Undead: I pivot the wights and with surge from both the Necromancer and the Revenant king surge them into the flank of the Drake who routs. This was my first time using two characters to surge and I think Gerald's first time having it done to him. He was quite surprised and a bit discouraged after the early loss of his Drake. The wraiths charge the Ghekkotah and waver them. Werewolves charge the ember sprites routing them. Ghouls charge the rhinosaurs and do a wound or two.

End of Turn 2

Turn 2: Blurry picture of the wavered dragon. 

Turn 3:
Salamanders: Ceremonial guard charge the werewolves but only do a couple wounds. Rhinosaurs rout the ghouls. Skyward charges the Soul Reavers and does a wound.

Salamanders Turn 3

Undead Turn 3:

Some more fancy surging sees the Wights go into the flank  of the Ceremonial guard and rout them.  Wraiths rout the Ghekkotah. Dragon and Werewolves rout the other Ceremonial guard.

Turn 4:
Salamanders Horde of Primes routs the wights. Rhinosaurs rout the Wraiths. Tyrants run out of charge range of the dragon. The battle had pivoted a full 90 degrees by this point.

Salamanders Turn 4 
Undead Turn 4: The Revenant King stupidly charges the wizard who he of course does not rout but he's now about to get squished by the tyrants.
Undead Turn 4 

Turn 5 No picture : We started worrying about the scenario.

Salamanders: the Tyrants kill the King then pivot to face the Revenant Horde.

Undead: Horde and Dragon rout the Tyrants. Gerald's now int the position where it is going to be hard for his horde to actually get fully across the centre line.

Turn 5 Undead 
Turn 6
The Horde of Primes charge and routs the Revenant Horde then realign to be across half (the metal models kept falling over on the hill).

I move my units clear over half, while the dragon stays on my half and tries to flame the Rhinosaurs, but only does a couple wounds. No Turn 7 and the game ends. I ended up with a win despite it looking  very even. The Dragon and Soul Reavers being such expensive units I actually had quite a bit left points wise. I think it was a 16-4 for tournament points.

End of Turn 6

End of Game thoughts:
If Gerald had of been a bit more cautious with his Drake early on this game could have easily gone the other way. Or even if I had rolled surge badly. I felt lucky to come away with a win in this game .

Post Game Analysis with Vlad 

You call yourself a general? Your best unit the noble Vampire Cavalry spent the whole game wandering through the fields picking daisies while roasting one oversized chicken, that charged them! You deployed poorly and had to rely on the pathetic human necromancer to recover from your silly blunder. Any true vampire would be ashamed. Your grasp of the Dark Dark Evil Ways leaves much to be desired. Hopefully your performance will improve in future games, or you may find yourself impaled! 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

KoW Undead vs. Ratkin

Invade Games against Ratkin

This is going to be mostly a picture battle report as I played in a tournament recently and I need to write that up as well.

This was my first game against the Rats. Dale has only started using them recently as a switch away from his usual Dwarfs.

His list had a Horde of Shocktroops, horde of Blight,  Horde of Rat Ogres and the Demon rat lighting living legend.  And then some other light stuff.

Deployment saw his rat demon on my left flank, on the other side of the river, opposite my dragon.


Undead Turn 1: I move forward, and into the centre

Undead Turn 2:The Rats had moved forward, and Dale had accidentally given me a couple charges. The Soul Reavers could just reach the Death Engine and routed it. The Dragon hit the flank of the Shocktroops but they were fine.

Turn 3 Rats: Rat Ogres Charge the soul reavers which hold, and expose them to a flank charge from the Wraiths

Turn 4 Undead: Undead converged on the Right Flank and clean up the rest of the Rats.  

The Blight are in a bad spot with the whole undead Army converging on them. The Rat Demon is finally getting close to the combat having steadily moved into the centre lighting bolting all the way. 

After defeating the Revenant Horde the Blight would last one more turn thanks to a friendly double one. 

The Position at the End of the game. 

Post Game Analysis with Vlad. 

You somehow managed to win a passable victory the Rat's must have been so amused by your buffoonery that they were unable to formulate an effective battle plan against such random incompetence. What idiot would deploy their cavalry next to a rive that ran across the board?  You also foolishly allowed your noble Vampire Cavalry to be charge by a horde of Brutes who thankfully rolled poorly. Where were their screening troops? How about that Revenant King that you brought specifically for that purpose?  I should have you impaled.   

Monday, 14 November 2016

Kings of War Undead vs. Salamanders

Played a game of Push against Gerald's Salamanders. Gerald recently started using his salamander army, and he's trying out different unit combinations. His list contained:

Ceremonial Guard
Ceremonial Guard
Ghekkotah Hunters
Ember Sprites
Fire Drake
Fire Drake 
Mage Priest
Inspiring Talisman
bane change
Ghekkotah Skylord
Ember sprites
Clan lorde on Fire Drak
Blessing of the Gods
 and Horde of Ancients on Rhinosaurs 

I switched up my normal list slightly to replace a unit of Wraiths with an Rev King on Horse. And dropped the ASB for a couple magic items notably brew of strength on the Rev Horde.

Neither of us had played Push! before and we wanted to try it out before a local tournament. Which was good because being unable to surge while carrying a token is rough for my small number army. I'm feeling like I might need to change up the list. 

Gerald amassed his firedrakes on the right, while his ceremonial guard were in the centre. The left was very sparse, he had his sylord while I had the  Rev Regiment on its own over there. Across from his Drakes I dropped my soul reavers and dragon. Gerald hasn't quite gotten over Warhammer deployment and putting heroes down last. He noted this during his deployment that he should have deployed them sooner so he could counter my deployment better. 

Turn 1: 

The Salamanders advanced forward cautiously staying out of charge range. While the Skylord flew forward on the flank behind the forest. 

I advanced forward while staying out of charge range of most things and tried to limit what his breath weapons could hit.  I managed to waver his Ghekkotah with my archers. 

Turn 2: 

He decided to come forward into Breath range.  All three drakes targeted the Soul Reavers but with no piercing they only managed to put a couple wounds on them.  

I charged forward with what could. The ghouls charged the ember sprites flank. Wights charged the Tyrants. Wraiths charged a Firedrake. Dragon charged a fire drake.  Wights charged the Tyrants. Soul Reavers charged rhinosaurs. Rev Cav. moved forward and then pivoted to be surged in by the Rev King coming across, who then failed to roll a single inch of surge.  

The Ghouls rout the ember sprites. Soul Reavers rout the rhinosaurs.  Wights waver the Tyrants but they have Fury.  Dragon and Wraiths bounce on Firedrakes. 


Skylord flank charges the Rev Horde and does a couple wounds.  Ceremonial guard charge the Rev Regiment.  Other Ceremonial guard charges the Ghouls. Tyrants countercharge the Wights.  I think one of the Firedrakes and the Ancient on Drake charged the wraiths, but he was unable to rout them (maybe double 1's?) The other Drake counter-charged the Dragon Ghekkotah charged the Rev. Cavalry and ember sprites charged the King. He only managed to rout the Ghouls, everything else held. 

The undead counterattack this turn would hit the Salamanders hard.  The Rev Regiment counter charged the Ceremonial guard. The Rev. Horde counter-charged the Skylord and routed him. The Wraiths counter charged the Tyrants and routed them. The Dragon flank charged the Ancient on Drake and may have wavered or routed him. Wraiths went into the drake in front of them. Soul Reavers charged and routed the other firedrake. Rev Cavalry routed the Ghekkotah, and the King fought the ember sprites. 

We called the game at this point, in order to have time to get another game in.  I forgot to take a picture of what the board looked like at the end. The Salamanders two ceremonial guard units were doing a good job of carrying the tokens across the board but they were about to have the whole undead army closing in on them.    

Post Game Thoughts: Gerald realized quite early on that he had mis-deployed by setting his shooting across from my fast units. He also spread his units out more than he needed to. When he moved forward to use his breath weapons he thought that the Soul Reavers were only defence 5 not 6. I think that would have changed his plan. Not getting the surge of the Rev Cavalry in the flank, left me exposed to the Rhinosaurs holding, which would have put me in a bad spot. But luckily the soul reavers managed to break them on their own.  

Post match analysis with Vlad The Impaler: So you managed to win a battle against a bunch of Lizards? They didn't even have a dragon of their own. The only Dragon on the battlefield was yours, and what did you do with all that mobility provided by a 20' flying movement? You flew straight forward into the middle of the enemy formation, where you could be flanked by the enemies hardest hitting hero. Who luckily decided to ignore your exposed flank to try and destroy a chaff unit. If your plan was to trick the enemy by making such a silly mistake that he would assume it was a trap then you are a tactical genius. But I suspect that is not what happened... The rest of your battle plan seemed to be to charge directly forward and rely on your heavy armour to hold against the enemies shooting. A plan that happened to work against an army that, conveniently for you, relies on short range shooting. Not exactly a master plan. If you were one of my generals I would have you impaled.